Booster Fightgear T-shirt 8Wtee09


Booster Fightgear T-shirt 8Wtee09


8Weapons Tee Muay Thai Khao

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The NakMuay of Thailand are fighting in several styles of Muay Thai and a good eyes realize the style of each fighter easily. The style of Muay Khao is well known for it ‘s aggressive knee- and clinchtechnique. A NakMuay with a Muay Khao style is moving forward and doing relentless attacking with his knee. While knees are the most powerfull weapons in this distance an also greatly feared weapon is the elbow. One moment and a Muay Thai fight could be over. NakMuay fighting this style are tough guys and should never be underestimated, these guys are capable to change a fight in the last second through an powerful thaiboxing knee. With this shirt you are paying attention to the elite of Bangkoks stadium fighters. Made of 100% premium cotton this shirt gives you a great feeling while training or during leisure time. The T-Shirt comes in a bigger size. To get a perfect fit you should buy one size smaller than your regular size. 8 WEAPONS is a new brand for Muay Thai lovers. Made by active Nak Muay this brand is deeply involved in the sport. 8 WEAPONS is run by professional fighters and long-time Thailand lovers. That is why this brand is a real deal. Based in Europe 8 WEAPONS is supporting young fighters from their first steps in the “Muay Thai Game” ͟ .

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