Booster Fightgear T-shirt – WOR WHATTANA TEE


Booster Fightgear T-shirt – WOR WHATTANA TEE


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Booster T-shirt made of cotton. FOR EACH TSHIRT YOU BUY THERE WILL BE A AMOUNT GOING TO WOR WATTHANA IN THAILAND ABOUT WOR WATTHANA : If you’re born into a Thai village, chances are you’re in a fight from the moment you enter the world. You’re fighting fate – a merciless opponent who’s defeated generation after generation before you. A fate that offers a childhood of drugs, alcohol, gang violence and even rape. And if you make it to adulthood, fate then offers you menial employment or a life of crime. Very few children have the strength to defy the odds and change their fate. But that’s what people like Frances and Boom, the owners of Wor. Watthana want to change. They created a safe space for kids to learn Muay Thai and channel their energy into something positive. Kids in the village are learning new skills, feeling a sense of purpose and dreaming of a future far beyond the sport of Muay Thai. Here, they’re given the opportunity to play, laugh and have fun – to just be kids. And importantly, they’re afforded the chance to forget about their troubles, even if it’s just for a few hours. This initiative has been recognized by Booster Fight Gear but we still need people like you in our corner. With your help, we can give village kids all across Thailand the strength to dream of a happy, fulfilling life – a fate we all deserve.

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